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    Dr. Joe Fuller


    Raised in Geneva, Switzerland, and educated by teachers worldwide (from Honolulu, Hawaii to Peking, China).
    Exposure to numerous cultures has enabled him to have extensive personal experience with diverse health care systems and varied illness plaguing mankind.
    Internationally known for the successful care of chronic disabling disorders.
    Nationally recognized speaker on the subject of Acupuncture and Chiropractic.
    Private practice since 1980.
    Two term President of Central Florida Chiropractic Society.
    Member of Acupuncture Society of America since 1979.
    'Doctor of Year' Pinnacle Award -1991.


    1973-75 University of Hawaii
    1976-77 Park College, Kansas City, MO
    1976 Longview Community College, Longview, MO
    1977-80 Cleveland Chiropractic College, Doctor of Chiropractic
    1979 Acupuncture Society of America, Acupuncture Certification
    1980 Diplomate of National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
    1980 Kansas Chiropractic License Granted
    1980 Oklahoma Chiropractic License Granted
    1980 Florida Chiropractic License Granted
    1981 National College of Chiropractic: Acupuncture-Meridian Therapy Certification
    1981 National College of Chiropractic: Disability Impairment Certification (AMA Guides)
    1982-85 National College of Chiropractic Regional Orthopedic Certifications and Board Qualifications
    1984-85 National College of Chiropractic: Low Back & Leg Pain Diagnosis & Treatment, Dr. James Cox
    1986 Los Angeles Chiropractic College: Radiology Symposium -Spondylothesis, MRI, Trauma
    1986 Harvard Medical School: Patient Management for Low Back Pain and Sciatica
    1986 Pierce-Stillwagon, Computerized Infared Thermography and Spinal Adjustment Techniques
    1987 Life Chiropractic College: Dr. Clay Thompson - Thompson Terminal Point Techniques and Procedures Spinal Adjusting
    1988-89 Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering Fellowship Fellow Candidate
    1992-93 Resident: American College of Chiropractic Neurology, NY, NY
    1992 Spine Research Institute of San Diego - Study in the Diagnosis and Clinical Management of Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration Trauma and Whiplash Related TMJ Disorders
    1992-94 Logan Chiropractic College Neurology Diplomate Studies Leading to Board Qualification
    1992 Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique - Buena Park, CA
    1993 Spine Research Institute of San Diego Research Update in Clinical Management of Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration Trauma and Whiplash Related TMJ Disorders
    1998 Annual Symposium of N.A.E.T. - Buena Park, CA
    2001 BioMeridian Certificate of Accomplishment for Operation of MSA System, Salt Lake City, Utah
    Functional Medicine 2001 Nutritional Neuroendocrinology, Orlando, Florida
    2002 Certified Rating of Impairment for Disabilities Based on AMA's Guide's Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (5 th Edition), Orlando, Florida


    1980-2008 Private Practice
    1980 Team Physician - Johnson County Community College (baseball, basketball, wrestling, tennis), Kansas
    1981-85 Team Physician - Orlando Rugby Football Club, Orlando, Florida
    1981-82 Team Physician - Gymnastics South, Orlando, Florida
    1983 Team Physician - Browns Gym, Orlando, Florida
    1985-91 Consultant to Industry regarding spinal injuries, Central Florida Area
    1987 Advisory Board to Altamonte Springs Diagnostic Center, Altamonte Springs, Florida
    1991 Pinnacle Award - 'Doctor of the Year' Given in Recognition for Outstanding Accomplishments and Contributions to the Chiropractic Profession (voted by peers nationally)
    1991 Citations Who's Who of Rising Young Americans
    1991 Who's Who of Central Florida Plaque of Achievement for Outstanding Service and Personal Achievement
    1991-2001 Consultant Pinnacle Group Clinical Procedures and Patient Care
    1994 Credential Provider Network - Document Related Services Credentialing Process for Worker's Compensation
    1993 Parker College of Chiropractic in association with Florida Chiropractic Association Impairment Rating Guidelines (4 th Edition of the AMA) and Florida Impairment Guides of 1992
    1994 Certified Workmans' Compensation Physician, State of Florida
    1995 President-Elect, Central Florida Chiropractic Society
    1996 President, Central Florida Chiropractic Society
    1997 President, Central Florida Chiropractic Society
    1998 Past President, Central Florida Chiropractic Society
    2001-02 National Register's Who's Who listed as 'Honored Professional'
    2002-03 Strathmore's Who's Who of Leadership and Achievement In Profession

    Memberships, Current:

    1979-2008 Acupuncture Society of America
    1980-2008 Florida Chiropractic Association
    1980-2008 International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture
    1981-2008 Central Florida Chiropractic Society
    1984-95 Florida Council on Orthopedics
    1985-95 American Chiropractic Association
    1985-91 International Academy of Chiropractic for Low Back Pain
    1988- 91 American Academy of Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering
    1998-2008 Academy of Industrial Health Consultants, Board member
    1998-2008 Winter Park Chamber of Commerce


    1969-75 United States Navy, Navigation Center Supervisor Aboard a Nuclear Powered Submarine, USS Patrick Henry (SSBN 599 Blue)
    1980 Speaker, addressing University of Kansas Medical School, Department of Physical Therapy, Kansas City, Kansas
    1981 Speaker, addressing John Young Science Center, Orlando, Florida Laser Acupuncture
    1981 Speaker, addressing Brookwood Community Hospital, Department of Records (Continuing Education)
    1981-82 TV Show: 'Fuller Life', Channel 9, WFTV, Orlando, Florida
    1982 President, Kiwanis Club, Colonial Town, Orlando, Florida
    1984 TV Appearance, Channel 6, WCPX, Rod Luck, Sports Director; Documentary on Low Back and Spinal Care
    1984-85 Associated Builders & Contractors Safety Committee - Board Member
    1985 Channel 9, WFTV, with Marsha Reece, Newscaster; Special Reporter Documentary on Acupuncture
    1986 Channel 9, WFTV, with Marsha Reece, Newscaster, Special Report Documentary on current trends and therapeutics of Low Back Care
    1987 Channel 9, WFTV, Scoliosis Chiropractic Care for Children and Young Adults
    1987 WKIS Radio 740 AM - Interview - Chiropractic Health Care
    1988-02 Speaker - Pinnacle Management, Patient Health Care Management
    2003 Speaker- YMCA Family Health Center, Winter Park, Florida Ways to a Healthier, Fuller Life
    2003 City of Winter Park Leadership Program
    2003 Speaker, addressing Corporations regarding Stress Reduction and Enhancing Performance

    Dr. Fuller is an avid tri-athlete. As this multi-endurance sport requires high levels of fitness and health, Dr. Fuller knows what it takes on a personal basis regarding appropriate nutrition, exercise, and recovery. The challenges in which the body undergoes are met better with a balanced frame hence chiropractic care is a must.


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